Cookie ADVENTure


This year at Mosaic Campus Church- our motto has been ‘Love Your Campus’.  No better way to spread some love than delicious baked goods. As one of our students said while baking, “No one ever said ‘Oh NO! That is TOO MANY cookies'”.  So in order to translate love into baking – a bunch of us spent last Saturday listening to Christmas music and baking dozens and dozens of cookies.


We spent time carefully arranging all of our home baked goods into beautiful decorative trays and wrapped them in glossy christmas plastic.

It was SUCH an amazing way to spend the afternoon.

Sunday night,  as we were preparing for our advent service, we laid out Christmas cards for each of the departments on the MUN campus. We even included the bookstore and MUN Student Union.  Everyone from our church family signed the cards with words of thanks and love for the staff and faculty. It was awesome to see how much there was to be thankful for, as we took time to reflect over the past semester.

The following Tuesday, a few of us borrowed a trolly, pumped up the Pentatonix  Christmas  album and got our deliver on. img_1413-1

We circled the entire campus, giving out the fruits of our labour. Twelve stops, twelve smiles, and twelve offices with full bellies.

Needless to say, everyone was so surprised. All of the recipients couldn’t believe some students would go to all that work to say ‘Thank You’.

The Great Cookie ADVENTure was one for the books. A must see at all of our Christmas seasons to come.






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