Our Family


By Eniola Folarin

Over the summer, we did church a bit differently. Instead of the usual morning service on Sundays, we started meeting in the evenings at the homes of members. Each meeting began by Nova asking each one of us how our week went. We would then proceed to watch a short video that highlighted a certain topic in the bible. After the video, the group discussed the topic as it pertained to our everyday lives. The meeting would end with a prayer and we’d all head home.

Doesn’t sound very interesting, does it? That’s where you’re wrong. The first few gatherings were slightly awkward. We all knew each other but we’d never visited each other’s homes. The setting was comfortable and cosy. Whenever the discussion began, I could tell that some of us were holding back a little. At least I know I was. I wasn’t quite comfortable with sharing my thoughts just yet. But as the weeks progressed we all began to open up more and more, we got so comfortable with each other that we began to share personal stories about ourselves.

I remember a particular Sunday evening, the topic up for discussion was forgiveness. The room was quiet. “Is there anyone who has wronged you in the past that you need to forgive?” That was the question. No one wanted to say anything. The topic of forgiveness is such a deep and personal one that many of us do not enjoy discussing because it opens up old wounds. It takes our minds back to places we never wanted to visit again. Then one of us spoke up. Her story was raw, personal and extremely moving. I was close to tears. It was at this moment that I realised we had become a family. The people who know you are your family. We had become a family because as each week went by, we revealed more and more about ourselves. Not just the good or funny bits but the sad and scary bits too. We were there for each other.

Each week more people would show up. Sometimes there would barely be enough room for all of us to fit in. But it was great. It showed that we were telling people about the joy we found spending time together discussing God’s love.

I am learning more and more about this faith I profess through the group of people I call my second family. I have so many questions and doubts and knowing that I can share them with my church family is a real blessing. Faith doesn’t mean you have all the answers, it means you’re willing to ask the questions. I ask questions because I want to know more and I learn so much from what they have to say. Even simple things such as spending time together at the beach roasting marshmallows (which are gross. I have no idea why people like them) over a fire reminded me of God’s love.

It’s a real place. Mosaic is a real place where you meet real people talking about real problems that we face in our everyday lives. God’s love and forgiveness are what binds us as a group. We know that we are not perfect. We invite people into our personal spaces, allow them a peek into our private lives. We become vulnerable. At those moments we’re truly sharing who we are with each other and that’s what church is all about- sharing and caring.

So over the summer, we did church a bit differently. Instead of the usual morning service on Sundays, we started meeting in the evenings at the homes of members and that really made all the difference. I love this place but then again, who wouldn’t?

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